PS3 Is The Best Video Game System !!!

PS3 is the best game system in the world. Some people may not agree with but I cant do nothing about that. I have the rights to say what I think. I have played PS3 since PS1 to PS3 today. The PS3 is a really fun system to play made by SONY.


At home I got the PS3 slim. One of the reasons I enjoy my PS3 is because its a 3-D & blue-player which means I get to enjoy movies in high definition. I also own a HDMI cable that cost me $60 at bestbuy for my led tv. Games is my favorite part about the system because they have good game play. For 2011 I have to say it was the best year in gaming history. I own MW3, PES 2012, FIFA 12, and BF3 the best games of the year. Each video game costs $60 and its 4 if you multiply its $240 in games.


I really say PS3 is the best because it has so many things to offer. I has so many things to offer from games to tv/video services. So your intrested in games I recommend you the PS3. When ou bye one you will never regret buying it.

By neymarcr7

My Favorite Sport Is Soccer

Out of all the sports in this world my favorite is and always will be soccer. One of the reasons I love soccer is because I am good at playing it. Everywhere I go people are  playing soccer. Without soccer my life would be a mess because I feel free. Soccer is a good way to have fun with your friend outside of school. That is why I enjoy playing it with my friends outside of school.


Soccer is the best sport worldwide since it brings people together. When I play with my soccer team I feel great because I always learn new stuff like skills, tricks, and dribbling moves. So far this season my team has had 5 games and we have won 3 and lost 2. I only came to 2 games in which I scored 1 goal from a corner kick. That day I felt proud of myself because I had scored first goal of the season. My team lost 5 – 2 but I felt proud and disappointed at the same time.


My favorite team in soccer is C.F Real Madrid from SPAIN. I like the team because they use teamwork to win the games against the bests teams of the world. They are also the best team of the world. Whenever somebody says there not good I get frustrated since that’s not true. My goal is to become a professional soccer player when I grow up to play for Real Madrid.

By neymarcr7

Achievements I want To Accomplish In Live !!!

An achievement I want to achieve in live is to go to a good high school and college. The reason for that is I want to become a professional soccer player. I want to get in really good college to be a good soccer player.

The high school I want to go to is Wilson. I want to go there because my older brother went there and he said it was the best school he ever went to. The college I want to go to is in north Carolina. But the soccer team I want to play for is C.F Real Madrid because from Spain.


I will try to achieve these achievements by working my hardest to complete my goals. I bet if you work your hardest to make your goals come true.

By neymarcr7

When I First Started Playing Soccer!

When I first started playing soccer I was horrible .  For example when I tried to score a goal it went out because I didn’t have aim . When I tried to juke somebody I couldn’t because I didn’t master the moves yet. Also everybody would juke me  since I wasn’t good. I was the worst player you could ever imagine.

Then I had a goal to become the best soccer player I could be. I practice so much  that now in 7th grade I am one of the best players on the team. First I started looking at soccer videos on youtube to see how the best players play. 2ND I started using the tricks at soccer practice but I was surprised since because I played better than ever. Now everybody knows that I am the best.

Now whenever I play soccer I am the best because I practiced until I got really good. All  I got to say now is that practice makes perfect! When ever you have a problem just follow what I did. When ever somebody says you suck in soccer prove them wrong.

By neymarcr7